Company Profile


Maxwell boasts to be the world leader with all the latest machines and facilities in house.

All the Maxwell Cutting tools are produced on latest CNC machines sourced from best manufacturers around the World.

Post Manufacturing; Inspection is carried out at every single step to ensure best quality & performance.

Apart from this other processes are also carried out on CNC machines for consistency in quality.

Designing Expertise

Our own software helps us to design wide range of gear cutting tools.

Our Engineers work closely with all our customers to optimize tool designs to meet the varied requirement of customers like spur or helical gears, involute or parallel splines, serrations, asymmetrical profiles, timing belts, sprockets ;special slitting saw; slitter cutters for strip cutting or special profiles.

After designing of the any tool profile, the profiles are checked by simulation on computer.

We make sure that our customers get the entire cutting tool range from one single source.

We provide very clear and complete design of the tool.

Raw Material

Raw material for every tool is selected for optimum performance based on the application and requirement of customers.

All raw materials are imported from world’s best resources.

  1. Conventional HSS: M2, M35
  2. PM HSS: ASP2023, ASP2030