Hacksaw Milling Cutters

The hacksaw milling cutter is manufactured using the highest quality material. It has a very robust structure that makes it ideal for different work scenarios. It is manufactured using M35 and HSS-M2 type of steel between 4TPI and 32TPI. It also comes with a diameter of 40-90 mm. The cutter measures between 6 and 14 inches on the cutting edge.

The anti corrosive nature has been enhanced through coating. There are different options when ordering a coated surface. The microshield/Gold-GP TiN is a popular PVD option that is widely used in machining. The film used in this case is superior and comes with better strength or hardness. This improves on the durability of the blade.

Why TiCN coating?

  1. Coating lowers the coefficient of friction which in turn reduces the build up edge, improves formation of chips and makes galling more efficient. It makes the cutter effective for milling cast iron, aluminum, titanium, steel and other alloys materials in the same category.
  2. High Performance TiCN coating is preferred because the hardness of the film is higher compared to other coating. The coefficient of friction is also lowered compared to that of Microshield Gold. With this kind of coating, your milling is optimized in terms of speed and feeds. It increases the rate of feeds by between 3 and 5 times compared to uncoated cutters.

About Products

High Performance HP-TiCN will protect the end mills when working on the most abrasive material. This is as a result of superior hardness that is achieved when the film is applied. It can be used on practically all types of cutters. It makes your blades durable by reducing wear while at the same time increasing the rate of production.

A new generation coating procedure called High Heat TiAN technology has emerged. It has raised the level of thermal stability allowing work to proceed under extreme heat and thermal stress without damage on the cutter. This means that you can mill exotic materials and others that are heat-treated.

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance is improved through the High Heat Technology, which also comes with lowered friction coefficient. This technology has also allowed milling cutters and end mills to be used in dry machining and deliver results that were previously impossible. It is available for limited solid carbide and cobalt finishing end mills.

Hard Materials HM TiAN is used on cutters for machining harder materials. It combines wear resistance, high level of abrasion, lower friction coefficient and superior thermal stability. It is the best choice for cutters used in High Speed Machining.

The CVD Polycrystalline Diamond is used on cutters for milling non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials. It makes the blades resistant to wear and tear and increases its lifespan by between 10 and 50 times. It produces dust and fine particles when the surface is cut.

Enhancing Durability

The durability of your cutter will be enhanced through coating. Maxwell has the right technology to produce cutters of different specifications. This ensures that you have the right tools for your work environment. They are produced to the highest standards to guarantee durability and efficiency when milling.

Hacksaw Milling Cutters

Product Code: MXHSMC 09
Material : HSS M2;M35;ASP 2030
Coatings available on request

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