Slitter Cutters

Slitter Cutters

Slitter Cutters

Product Code : MXSK21


The specifications of slitter cutters depend on the application. This makes the cutter one of the tools that are open to customization. Maxwell Tools produces excellent quality products following the precise instructions given by clients. There is a Lapping machine that ensures that the highest level of precision is achieved.

When placing an order, it is advisable to give the following standard specifications. They are recognized everywhere and will make it easy to create a profile of the cutter you want.

  1. Outer Diameter- this is the distance across the cutting blade. You may read it from the cutter that you are replacing or ask an experienced technician to give you the specifications based on your area of work. Maxwell manufactures cutters with a diameter of up to 350mm.
  2. Bore- this is the size and specifications of the space in the middle. It is determined by the machine on which the cutter will be fixed. There is a keyway on which the cutter attaches to the milling machine. This too should be considered.
  3. Keyway Size- for the purposes of keeping the cutter in place, each piece has a key way. Its size must be put into consideration when ordering from the factory. The shape might also vary depending on the machine. The standard shape however is a rectangle.
  4. Thickness- thickness tolerance is viewed alongside flatness. Maxwell produces cutters with a thickness tolerance of about 0.0015mm. On the other hand, flatness is at 0.0025mm. It is worth noting that flatness is totally dependent on OD and overall thickness.
  5. Accuracy required- some production machines are flexible while others require a high degree of accuracy. In other cases, it is the work environment that requires a high level of accuracy or precision. This information should be shared with designers when making an order.
  6. Finishing- depending on the application, there are different finishing options. Some are smooth-finished while others are a bit course. One side of the cutter may also be made smooth while the other is left rough. The determinant is your work environment.
  7. Coating- slitter cutters are coated to enhance their resilience considering their areas of application. Some coating substances create harder surfaces than others. Coating extends the life of your cutter several folds. An experienced technician will advise you on the best coating technology to use depending on the application.

The cutters are designed with specific industries in mind. This forms the basis of choice of material, the size and other specifications that define a customized cutter. The dedication of Maxwell engineers and technicians to deliver the best products ensures that instructions given by clients are followed. The pieces are inspected individually during the process of production and after they have left the production line. This manner of inspection helps to spot discrepancies before the cutters are shipped.

You will enjoy the best shopping experience with the convenience of an online store and easy checkout methods. They include online transfers and use of major credit cards. The platforms are secure and will not compromise your financial details. Maxwell tools guarantee excellent value for money.

Note : Coatings available on every Tool.