Maxwell manufactures rotary slitter knives for both slitting and side trimming from the best alloy tool steels and engineer them for your unique application.

Maxwell Rotary Slitter Knives

We are constantly working on the development of new knife materials in order to perfect the wear resistance and toughness for specific tasks. This pride in discovery ensures an optimal balance between the determination of the knife material and the tuned heat treatment processes. As a result we produce the right “recipe” for your cutting application.


Whenever you have questions about our products, our team of highly qualified engineers is always ready to help.

Slitting Spacer /Rubber Bonded Spacers

Maxwell manufactures spacers made of hardened alloyed tool steel like EN9/EN.

Shearing Blades

Shearing Blades are made with the highest quality steel to help customers cut off, mill, and groove steel.

We Export

World Wide

Crush Cutter Knives & Score Blades/Coc Cutters

Maxwell also designs specialty blades to create a pinker type cut, perforated cut or even a scalloped edge cut. We have been supplying machine builders with score cut and crush cut knives dating back to some of the oldest slitting systems still used today!

Dished Knives /Top Cutters

Shear cutting is known for its universal application and one achieves optimal cutting results in almost all industries with this process. This includes paper, cardboard and paperboard, labels and adhesive tape, but also cable and litho tape.

Multiple Bottom Cutters

Maxwell is the world’s leading precision supplier of industrial circular knives, knife holders and slitting systems. Of course, bottom knives are also part of the product portfolio.

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